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Our Difference

Our Difference

When compared to floating SPP systems placed on competing pontoons, Oceansun’s solution is more advantageous.


  • Lower price
  • High efficiency: The membrane cools water as it comes into touch with it, making it effective
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Risk of breaking and breaking of the pontoons, as well as the panels’ ability to sail in high-speed winds, make the sea surface more favorable
  • Simple logistics and transportation
Why is the Ocean Sun remedy less expensive?


  • Less plastic is needed to provide the necessary buoyancy.
  • Commodity goods are widely accessible.


  • The system is derived from maritime experience (aquaculture).
  • Circular design disperses forces; there is no weak link.
  • Thin floats with minimal wind resistance.
  • Cheaper and effortless mooring as a result.
  • Does not have similar effects with lubrication on the water surface.

Other components

  • Panel, inverter, etc. prices are the same as those of other technology suppliers.
More Efficient

Ocean Sun’s efficiency is explained by two general assumptions:

PV module efficiency decreases with higher temperatures (0.4% / °C).

  • Water is a better conductor of heat than air.

The image on the right shows the IR images and images of the modules in Singapore. The panels are lifted approximately 5 cm from the membrane and cooled with air. The modules on the right rest on the membrane and are cooled by water

  • Air-cooled: 63 ◦C
  • Water cooled: 35 °C
  • Water temperature: 33 °C

Enhanced cooling effect documented by IFE and DNV

Quick and easy installation

  • Pipes joined using butt fusion welding
  • Worldwide established process
  • Membrane used on land and in water
  • It is possible to walk on the membrane when on water.
  • Quick Setup
  • Pallets can be put on the membrane.

Suitable for the Marine Environment – Resistant to Waves and Currents

Waves and Currents
  • The system has been tested in the SINTEF ocean basin laboratory.
  • The circular design disperses forces.
  • The flexible surface membrane has a softening effect on the waves.
  • Minimum drag on the sea current
  • No weak joints are at risk of mechanical fatigue.
  • Minimal wind resistance due to mounting in water.
  • Tested and approved for a Class 4 typhoon wind speed of 275 km/h.
  • Lowest risk of the system breaking into pieces.

Easy Transportation and Logistics


When using 465 W panels, pontoons equal to 41 or 67 kWp can fit in one container.

Ocean Sun buoyant
  • Two membranes for two large floats that fit in a 40-foot container
  • Using the same 465 W panels, a container can carry 1.2 MW.

Ocean Sun’ın yüzdürme sistemi için nakliye ihtiyacı 10-17 kat daha küçük